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Transmissions and Differentials

We have been providing some of the countries leading rebuilders with quality transmission and rear end cores for years!  All units are thoroughly inspected and our web page will tell you exactly the condition so there are no surprises! Our units are graded A, B, C & D which means that a Grade A pullout will be in very good condition and will run the way it is. Grade B is also in good condition with a bit of normal wear. Grade C is rebuildable but definitely not suitable for use without repair.  It is a perfect candidate to be rebuilt and is ideally suited for rebuilders. Grade D is also a core but has more damage.  Each unit will have pictures and descriptions and each unit is priced accordingly as to its condition. 

parts warehouse


Not all engines are good enough to resell for one reason or another and these are the ones we sell as CORES. All engines will be described accurately with what the known issues or damage is. In most cases, the engine will turn freely 360 degrees but sometimes they won’t and in those cases we will tell you! These engines are great for spare parts or for rebuilding. They are priced VERY competitively and if we tell you it’s rebuildable and it isn’t…..you get a full refund!

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Other Parts

We offer quantity discounts for our “Wholesale” customers and can supply orders as small as one pallet or as large as a full trailer load. Tell us what you are looking for and we will make every effort to accommodate you!